SNOW PERFORMANCE- Water/Methanol Kit Gas Stage III Ford Ecoboost

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Product Description

Snow Performance’s gas water-methanol injection kits produce a finely atomized mixture that’s injected into the combustion chamber at precise times. The water enters the combustion chamber and decreases the inlet air temperature by up to 100 degrees more than any air to air intercooler. One of the highest octane fuels on the planet, methanol, enters the combustion chamber and spikes the effective octane of the fuel you are using by 25 points. Combine the two together and you now have one of the coldest air charges possible and a octane monster running race gas!

The Chemical Intercooler

A Snow Performance water-meth kit will lower IATs up to 100 degrees instantly! Increasing performance and giving you the most from your vehicle

Octane Monster!
Octane! Octane! Octane! When injecting a 50/50 mix of water-methanol the effective octane of your fuel will increase 25 points! Turning 91 octane pump gas to 116 Race Gas Quality fuel!
Detonation Control & Safety
Because your vehicle now has much colder IATs and impressive octane you can increase boot and ignition timing for HP gains of up to 20%! Or add it on top of high octane fuel/E85 for significantly cooler IATs and added safety.
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